Reasons to love Berlin


  • Most amazing orchestra: I just had a wonderful opportunity to hear Berlin Philharmonic playing Verdi’s Requiem conducted by Riccardo Chailly. It was a supremely powerful performance. Requiem is just one of those intense pieces that are absolutely best enjoyed live and I am forever grateful that I had a chance to hear it in such a great space with wonderful soloists and an amazing choir.

  • Coolest non-mainstream places to eat. We tried Cookies and Cream this time — a great vegetarian place which is sort of hidden in a narrow dark lane behind other buildings. It’s a perfectly cool place that has excellent food, wine and the secretive exclusive vibe that just form the perfect mix together.
  • Impressive mixture of edgy galleries and classical museums in the most impressive buildings: While Museumsinsel has this majestic Munich-y vibe (I especially loved archaeological treasures of Pergamon, and yes I know Berliners will probably hate the Munich comparison…), just few steps away from it you find the coolest mixtures of cafes and ultramodern galleries.

And I guess I could continue with Humboldt uni, cool shopping, Kreutzberg and allover artsy atmosphere. If you are looking for a weekend trip, you should definitely put Berlin on the top of your list!

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